How can I contribute?

There are many ways to get engaged in this growing community:

  1. Join the list-serve to follow and engage in ongoing conversations
  2. Read and improve community documents such as the Code of Conduct, Directory of Projects, List of Organizations, and more.
  3. If you're a pilot, please fill this out to join the Rapid Response Roster.
  4. Support ongoing Operations and add new aerial videos of disaster damage to the Crisis Map.
  5. To find a pilot or request/share aerial imagery of disaster areas, go to Ops.
  6. Add your feedback and thoughts to existing discussions on the community's Global Forum and/or on the individual Team Fora. 
  7. Consider starting a new discussion to share new ideas, questions, articles, projects, etc. using the Global Forum or the Team Fora.
  8. Consider joining multiple Teams based on your interests and expertise. 

Use the Global Forum for cross-cutting discussions and for conversations related to the overall mission and operation of UAViators. Use the individual Team Fora for more detailed topics of conversation.