About this site

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This site serves to facilitate information sharing and coordination around the use of UAVs in humanitarian contexts.

Operations (Ops)
Dedicated page to request and share aerial imagery for humanitarian and development projects.

Crisis Map (Map)
Crowdsourced crisis map of aerial imagery (videos and soon photographs) of disaster areas.

Documents (Docs)
Folder of documents including Code of Conduct, Operational Check-List, Case Studies, etc.

A "TripAdvisor" for UAV travel and local UAV laws.

Includes important news articles on 
humanitarian UAVs.

We are organized around topics (Forum) and though the Teams below. 

Humanitarian Team
For humanitarian professionals interested in leveraging UAVs.

Flight Team 
For experienced and new pilots. 

Camera Team
For members interested in aerial photography and videography.

Imagery Team
For members interested in how to share & analyze aerial imagery.

Payload Team
For members interested in delivering payloads via UAVs.

Technology Team
For members interested in discussing hardware and software issues related to UAVs.

Policy Team
For members interested in pressing policy issues related to UAVs.

Legal Team
For members with a interest in legal & regulatory issues vis-a-vis UAVs.

Research Team
For members who are (or want to be) engaged in research related to humanitarian uses of UAVs.