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"Humanitarian organizations should engage in initiatives like the Humanitarian UAV Network."
          - United Nations (OCHA) Policy Brief 

With over 2,800 members in 120+ countries, our mission is to promote the safe, coordinated and effective use of UAVs for data collection and cargo delivery in a wide range of humanitarian and development settingsWe do this by developing and championing international guidelines for the responsible use of UAVs. We actively promote operational safety and document lessons learned and best practices. We never self-deploy. We only mobilize at the request of established aid and development partners. We actively promote community engagement & educate UAV operators. We convene Experts Meetings and facilitate information sharing, coordination and learning across all our efforts. Our pilot roster includes 500+ UAV pilots in 70+ countries.

Our objectives are thus five-fold: establish clear standards for the responsible use of UAVs and provide up-to-date regulatory information; document lessons learned and best practices; provide hands-on UAV training; inform UAV deployments during disasters; and catalyze research & information sharing. To pursue these objectives, we co-organized the first ever Humanitarian UAV Experts Meeting at the UN Secretariat and held this meeting again in 2015 at MIT. We taught the first ever Humanitarian UAV training courses in Europethe US and Asia for humanitarian and development professionals. In addition, we convened a high-level policy forum supported by the Rockefeller Foundation to further develop our international code of conduct. We also joined the Drones in Humanitarian Action research program in 2015. In 2016, we launched WeRobotics to provide professional training and aerial technologies directly to local partners in developing countries.

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New! Founder Patrick Meier's new TEDx talk on Humanitarian UAVs. See also his book, Digital Humanitarians, which has been praised by experts at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, United Nations, Red Cross, Work Bank and more. The book features members of UAViators in action.

Global Forum

Video - Building Aerial Robotics Expertise in Nepal

Earlier this year, WeRobotics and Nepal Flying Labs teamed up with the Swiss-based NGO Medair to map one of the largest landslides in Nepal. We recently created a short video showcasing that experience, which highlights the project from the team’s point of view, and attempts to show the true magnitude of the landslide. The video also addresses one of the core reasons for the establishment of our Flying Labs, the creation of local capacity in robotics technologies for faster disaster response,…

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WeRobotics Webinar Today

Hello everyone, Today at 11am EST WeRobotics will be hosting a webinar featuring two guests. Presenting first will be Walace de Oliveira, founder of Angel Drones, a social startup located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which focuses on using robotics and data analysis to help cities become more resilient. Walace will describe for us the challenges, benefits, and applications of using UAVs in Brazil. After him will follow Peter Kohler, founder of The Plastic Tide, a revolutionary…

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RESEARCH ASSISTANCE: local perceptions of humanitarian UAVs

Dear forum members, I have been investigating the potential for humanitarian UAV use in developing countries and have decided to base my University of Edinburgh dissertation on exploring the challenges to their implementation. If humanitarian UAVs are to resolve problems in developing nations they must first prove acceptable to local communities. I believe that there is scope for further research on how local communities and government officials perceive the utility of UAVs for humanitarian…

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UK Government Requirement for the Movement of Cargo using UAVs

Dear Forum Members, The UK government has recently announced a requirement for the movement of cargo using UAVs and plans to mobilise a suitable solution in June this year after a mini-competition.  The deadline for submission of proposals is 12 May 2017 with the selection of the preferred proposal 10 days later.  The solution being sought must be operational within 14 days of contracting and therefore all proposals must reflect a product that is fully developed and tested.   Please contact me…

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1 Reply · Reply by Patrick Meier Apr 20


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