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UAViators (pronounced You-Aviators)

"Humanitarian organizations should engage in initiatives like the Humanitarian UAV Network."
          - United Nations (OCHA) Policy Brief 

Our Mission is to bridge humanitarian and UAV communities internationally. We do this by supporting a global volunteer network of professional, civilian and responsible hobbyist UAV pilots who facilitate information sharing, coordination and operational safety in support of a broad range of humanitarian efforts. Thanks to our collaboration with Air-Vid, we have access to an additional 
700 vetted pilots in 60+ countries. We actively promote community engagement and are being pro-active in educating new civilian pilots rather than waiting for mistakes to be made. Our objectives are thus four-fold: provide coordination support, facilitate information sharing, enable safe UAV operations and establish clear standards for humanitarian use. See Executive Summary (PDF). UAViators is an initiative launched & spearheaded by QCRI.

In 2014, we co-organized the first ever Humanitarian UAV Experts Meeting at the UN Secretariat. We will be holding this meeting again in 2015 along with the first ever training and certification course on Humanitarian UAVs for established humanitarian professionals. In addition, we will be convening a high-level policy forum supported by the Rockefeller Foundation.

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New! Founder Patrick Meier's new book, Digital Humanitarians, has already been endorsed by Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, United Nations, Red Cross, Work Bank and more. The book features members of UAViators in action.

Global Forum

The Use of UAVs for Peacekeeping in Conflict Zones

Helena Puig and I just co-authored an in-depth study on the use of unarmed UAVs for peacekeeping in conflict zones. About 70% of humanitarian crises have a conflict angle to them. We cannot ignore these and focus on just 30% of crises simply because those are easier to respond to. At the same time, the use of unarmed UAVs in conflict zones bring a host of major challenges. This paper aims to unpack these challenges and offer initial recommendations on how to best manage said challenges. We…

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UAViators Laws and Travel Wiki

Hello everyone! The UAViators wiki was in rough shape recently - spam bots were making it rather unusable. We've since solved the problem and we hope it begins to see more use!  The wiki is open for anyone to read, however in order to make any edits you will need to log in. When registering, we ask you your interest with UAVs (simply prove you're not a bot!) Once you register, you'll need to be approved and once that's done you can begin contributing.  Here is a direct link to the wiki:…

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UAV routing and plans - state of the art

Hi all, I'm new to UAViators, and was looking through the fora for how this community is applying routing/planning algorithms for efficient use of resources. This is well-worn territory for military UAV(S)s, but I'm curious to know about the working being done to apply some of those concepts in humanitarian situations. For example, is the idea that a constellation of manually-controlled (perhaps by different agencies/organizations) UAVs gets deployed? If so, how do you optimize coverage and…

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"DroneDeploy has made their aerial imagery and mapping software available for all of Nepal - their app is available in the Android Store for DJI Phantoms."
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"I am in the UK but willing to fly to Nepal to assist. I have an Inspire 1."
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"I am based out of Hong Kong and will from Wednesday be in Paro, Bhutan including a DJIPh2+ - happy to help and on stand-by"
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