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"Humanitarian organizations should engage in initiatives like the Humanitarian UAV Network."
          - United Nations (OCHA) Policy Brief 

Our Mission is to bridge humanitarian and UAV communities internationally. We do this by supporting a global volunteer network of professional, civilian and responsible hobbyist UAV pilots who facilitate information sharing, coordination and operational safety in support of a broad range of humanitarian efforts. Thanks to our collaboration with Air-Vid, we have access to an additional 500 vetted pilots in 50 countries. We actively promote community engagement and are being pro-active in educating new civilian pilots rather than waiting for mistakes to be made. Our objectives are thus four-fold: provide coordination support, facilitate information sharing, enable safe UAV operations and establish clear standards for humanitarian use. Our proposed strategy for 2014-2015 is available here.

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Global Forum

UN (OCHA) Policy Brief on Humanitarian UAVs

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN/OCHA) has just published an important policy document on UAVs in humanitarian response. This must-read Policy Brief endorses the Humanitarian UAV Network: "As with information technologies, the use of UAVs is driven by hobbyists and technical experts, many of whom will be interested in supporting humanitarian response. Humanitarian organizations should engage in initiatives like the Humanitarian UAV Network, that aim to…

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Video: Humanitarian UAV Network

I recently gave a webinar presentation on the Humanitarian UAV Network for the Engineers for Change (E4C). The YouTube video of this presentation is available here and below (click). The talk highlights recent uses of UAVs in humanitarian settings along with flagship projects spearheaded by the Humanitarian UAV Network. I welcome any feedback/questions that members of this network may have. Thank you!

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Universiti Malaysia Sarawak is researching the use of drones (UAVs) with cameras for participatory community mapping in remote and isolated indigenous communities in the highlands of central Borneo.  There are several potential applications: claiming land rights; agricultural planning; rainforest surveillance; tourism planning; watershed protection. This is a sample of a mosaic of 55 photos stitched together.

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