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"Humanitarian organizations should engage in initiatives like the Humanitarian UAV Network."
          - United Nations (OCHA) Policy Brief 

Our Mission is to bridge humanitarian and UAV communities internationally. We do this by supporting a global volunteer network of professional, civilian and responsible hobbyist UAV pilots who facilitate information sharing, coordination and operational safety in support of a broad range of humanitarian efforts. Thanks to our collaboration with Air-Vid, we have access to an additional 
700 vetted pilots in 60+ countries. We actively promote community engagement and are being pro-active in educating new civilian pilots rather than waiting for mistakes to be made. Our objectives are thus four-fold: provide coordination support, facilitate information sharing, enable safe UAV operations and establish clear standards for humanitarian use. Our proposed strategy for 2014-2015 is available here.

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Global Forum

Software for UAVs and Aerial Imagery

Hello everyone, I'm proud to announce that the UAViators research team has another open document available for your viewing, as Patrick mentions in his blog. We have compiled a list of more than 30 common software platforms used to operate UAVs and analyze resulting aerial imagery. We carried out this research to provide humanitarian organizations with a single repository where they can review existing software platforms (including free & open source solutions) for their humanitarian UAV…

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Concerns over using UAVs/Drones in Conflict Zones

Hi everyone,   I'm on the UAViators research team and wanted to let you know we compiled a list of fears and concerns expressed by humanitarians and others on the use of UAVs in humanitarian settings. Patrick Meier blogged about it here. For this research, we closely reviewed well over 50 different documents, reports, articles, etc., on humanitarian UAVs. The motivation behind this research is to better understand the different and overlapping concerns that humanitarian organizations have over…

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New Anti-Poaching Drone Event – Drone set to be launched Early 2015

New Anti-Poaching Drone Event – Drone set to be launched Early 2015 Finally! The anti-poaching drone that lets you catch poachers and could be coming to a park (and sky) near you. Launch of a brand new wildlife protective surveillance drone to be held in central London 2015. This new anti-poaching drone has been developed by UK aerospace SME who have a track record of successful drone’s development and operation. Unmanned Aerial Technology-Combat Wildlife Poaching High spec military drone…

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Colorado Looking to Introduce Troublesome Legislation

We're all here to make the most of this technology for humanitarian purposes, and we must remember that the wide-use of this technology is causing some to reach the wrong conclusions as to how to integrate the technology into society.  Last week I went to Denver to sit in on a feedback session with a district representative that had drafted some proposed legislation (attached) at the behest of one (yes, one) of her constituents.  The motivation came when an ex-husband used a drone to "spy" on…

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